PoshPoisePolish.com is a lifestyle and career blog from the perspective of a glamorous, adventurous, goal setting, and professionally conscious millennial living in Los Angeles.


VIVIAN ADAOBI NWEZE VIVIAN NWEZE VIVACIOUSLYVIVIAN VIVACIOUSLY VIVIAN VIVACIOUSLYVIVVivian Adaobi Nweze created PoshPoisePolish.com  to provide a resource and safe haven for  ‘professional dreamchasers’ like herself.

This blog will teach you how to create your own career path, inspire you to fearlessly strive for your goals, and motivate you to live the opulent lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Vivian is a producer & on camera talent for NBC’s ‘Access Hollywood’. The former Miss Florida Teen moved to LA shortly after graduating from Howard University.  Check out her professional website VivaciouslyVivian.com.

If you have questions or want to collaborate contact Vivian  at info@PoshPoisePolish.com & connect with her @VivaciouslyViv.



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