35 Reasons ‘Tinder’ is Complete Garbage…But Not All Apps Are

Tinder was the hotspot for digital love connections back in 2013. It was free, didn’t require any brain power to set up, and  it was mobile. With a flick of a finger, you could choose between love interests within your immediate area on your own cellphone. To top it all off, you could skip the potential heartbreak of being rejected or bombarded with messages from creeps! Only mutual love connections allowed. Tinder had it all.

Flash forward to 2016 and I can tell you firsthand that Tinder is a loveless wasteland. Once the  dating app became mainstream the quantity of users increased and the quality plummeted. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but below are 35 reasons you should consider ditching Tinder. In the next few posts I’ll suggest alternative apps that are actually worth giving a shot.

  1. There’s nothing exclusive about Tinder. Anyone with a smartphone and working fingers can use it
  2. It’s easy for people lie and some lie like their lives depend on it
  3. Photos can be very deceiving…and completely fake
  4. Cheaters galore!
  5. It’s a mindless activity..like playing Angry Birds
  6. People don’t always respond to messages, even though you mutually liked each other
  7. It can be used to bait customers for a variety of products or ‘services’
  8. So many folks just want to sell you Herbalife
  9. People flirt for instagram followers
  10. It doesn’t try to ‘match’ you based on compatibility
  11. Less clothes for more matches
  12. Nothing is verified
  13. You don’t know how tall anyone is
  14. You can ‘super like’…or not be super liked
  15. No one is actually looking for love anymore
  16. Now people can swipe in your area, without actually being in that area
  17. The ‘netflix & chill’ epidemic
  18. Your account can’t be private
  19. The  number of creeps has escalated
  20. There’s no thought put in to anyones profile
  21. Your profile isn’t as clever as you want it to be
  22. Your pictures are worth more than your bio
  23. You can be catfished
  24. No one takes it seriously
  25. People seeing your Tinder notifications = embarrassing
  26. Oh I’ll swipe for 5 minutes. *3 hours go by*
  27. You’ll miss the people around you because your eyes are glued to a phone
  28. It can be addicting
  29. No one wants to admit they met on Tinder
  30. If you live in a small town…good luck
  31. There’s 798358473 other apps on the market
  32. If you don’t  have Facebook you can’t have an account
  33. It’s easy for underage kids to indicate that they are older
  34. You’re grandma knows about Tinder
  35. Suggestive pics you can’t un-see

So where do you turn for love now? You can go the traditional route of meeting someone in person or continue exploring the digital realm. It’s a personal choice. I still bounce between the two and can say that one isn’t necessarily better than the other. If you have any apps or dating tactics you want to share tweet me @VivaciouslyViv or e-mail info@poshpoisepolish.com !

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