Look Your Best!

By Vivian Adaobi

January and February are the most congested months at every fitness facility, as couch potatoes strive to be gym rats before the summer time. Being healthy is a positive goal for everyone, but change takes time. Unfortunately, most newly acquired gym memberships are cancelled or go unused around March when people give up or do not see the results they want. So, whether you are burning it up everyday on the vivian adaobi nweze posh poise polish host style fashionistatreadmill or still munching on potato chips at home, I have 6 easy tips to instantly look more fit and fabulous!

  1. Wear your correct size

Anything too big swallows your body, gives you no shape, and can make you look bigger than you are. Wearing clothes that are too small accentuates extra pudge and can actually make you look heavier. Don’t let the number on your collar scare you in to dressing outside of your size!

  1. Wear heels

The extra height that a 3 inch or higher heel gives you elongates your body, making you look taller and leaner. However, heels under 2 1/2 inches or with a thick ankle strap visually shorten your legs if they are visible.

  1. Bras are your best friend

Like a good friend, a supportive bra keeps you up when you’re feeling down. Droopy breasts make you look bigger and lack of support makes your posture look bad. Some light bra padding also helps gives the illusion of a smaller waist.

  1. Good posture

Walk tall as if a string is being pulled straight up out of the top of your head. Good posture instantly makes you look leaner. vivian adaobi nweze afterbuzz tv digiball cirocYoga is a great practice for improving bad posture.

  1. Dark wash jeans

In general black is very slimming, but only wearing black every single day is boring! You can have fun with color while still looking your best, if you wear a dark wash of jeans. It has the same slimming effect.

  1. Just a little skin

Showing skin is a balancing act to highlight your best physical attributes and take attention off problem areas. If your toned legs are exposed, you can balance it with more coverage of your arms and chest.

Pair any of these tips with a confident smile and be prepared to hear  “you look great!”, “you look so fit!”, and “you’ve been working out!”. If you have any tips you would like to share, send us an e-mail at info@PoshPoisePolish.com!

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