Back Seat Essentials

By Zulimar Toro

While perfection is a relentless impossibility, Beyoncé has taught us that being flawless is not. Therefore, in order to achieve a ready–to–go, spontaneous, opportunity snatcher attitude, a lady must always look the part. As you may know, I live in Miami and three outfit changes a day is a normality I’ve become use to. Spending mornings by the beach, lunch with the girls, rushing to work soon after, and squeezing in gym time, can have a strain on anyone’s style. However, we all know excuses are a mix of creativity and deception. For those of us that aren’t a taxi ride away from life, here are some back seat essentials any and every lady should have.


The “Everything” Bag… and its First Born.

10151265_544107565704130_7866803562839497307_nThis bag has to have enough room for everything you may need; several compartments and a sleek lady-like design that will deviate all thought of rush and instead represent a put together day. Its first-born is a smaller bag that matches the larger one, where your make-up, toothbrush, gum and pins should reside.

Label: Barboux designed by Princess Reema Bandar Al Saud




The Wardrobe

oYour ready-to-wear outfit choices depend mostly on where you live. By now you probably have been acquainted with the weather in your area and Workout Wednesdayknow the pairings that require the least amount of time and effort to put together.

Living in Miami, my bag always contains a bathing suit, an outfit that can fit daytime/afterhours, and gym clothes. However, be aware of what you’re already wearing that day. For example, if you’re already wearing a dress you may want to pack some shorts and a nice blouse instead of another dress.

The Shoes

44609978WH_12_aKeep it simple! I suggest having a pair of runway high heels, sandals and running shoes, two pairs in total. Remember, you’re already wearing one. Solid colors work best, my favorite is nude or rose pink, because they either match or stand out appropriately.

Label: Valentino


The Final Touch

I find that when in a hurry originality and individuality suffers the most. It’s much easier to pick up something you’ve worn a million times or throw on an over played trend than come up with an outfit that screams “YOU”. Jewelry can be these statement pieces that stand apart from the rest.

Label: Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal

I’m told constantly, “You look so great and put together all the time! You probably spend hours getting ready!” I usually nod and say thank you. I guess the secret lies in my back seat. Hope this helps any lady on the go always look fabulous.

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