90-Day Test: Nailing Your First Job

By Danielle Lomax

Congratulations! You just landed your first job. You overcame the stress of information sessions, stressful networking events and a rigorous interview process. So what’s next after accept your offer? Now it’s time to ibmestablish your brand at your company. The key to succeeding, setting yourself apart is excelling during your first 90-days. The first three months on the job will set the tone for the rest of tenure at your company. So, how can you make sure that you’re establishing yourself as an asset and a resource to your organization.

Network Effectively

I think we all have a hate/love relationship with networking. But it’s a necessary evil. Set objectives before attending networking events. Do you want to make more contacts or meet a specific person? Remember that effective networking is an exchange.

Develop Your Brand

Your brand is everything. It is how you’re remembered once you leave the room. Be mindful of your habits. Are you coming in late? Are you making careless mistakes? Are you taking too many days off? Make sure you listen before you speak and observe the culture of the office.

Get to Know Your Manager

Be proactive about creating a relationship with your manager. Ask about how they prefer to be contacted and how often. Make sure they know your strengths and ask for advice when necessary. He/She should become your greatest advocate. If you fail to establish a good relationship you risk receiving a bonus or a promotion.Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.59.28 AM

Become a Leader

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet don’t be afraid to speak up during meetings. If you can’t stand out during your regular projects try to assist with things that aren’t directly related to your job like recruiting or community service. If someone asks you to complete a project by Wednesday have it turned in by Tuesday. If you’re working in a group plan team building activities and outings. Become BFFs with the iT team. They’ll be more willing to help you

Overcome the Learning Curve

Many of us will accept jobs that won’t be directly related to our majors. Be ambidextrous. Make a list of strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving what will help you get promoted. Ask for help. If you need to work on your excel skills ask a coworker to help you in exchange for social media help. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

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