Shamelessly Sexy

By Zulimar Toro

Your twenties are when ladies are in their prime. looking their best, and therefore (hopefully) getting pretty hot dates. I envision Angelina Jolie’s lips or Megan Fox’s sex appeal and I think, “wow, every girls should able to spark up that “sexiness” once in a while.” While my lips look nothing like Jolie’s, nor do I stand in front of a car like I should be on the cover of Maxim I have discovered some tips to make us all a little sexier than usual. Here are five easy ways to bring sexy back this week:

  1. Red or Dark Lips


It always works and it’s by far the easiest. This trend started a while back and without fail anytime I see a girl wearing it they always look sexy without trying.


  1. Exposed Neck and Shoulders


There are lots of dresses and tops that allow this and they always have a regal feeling to them. A little shoulder and neck exposure makes you feel like a queen walking into a room.


  1. Simplicity


At times we get so caught up in the next outfit creation or what everyone else is wearing that we forget that less is more. A simple black dress with a light lip balm will look much sexier than looking like you robbed Swarovski and MAC out of every jewel and make up item they own. This new, modern, contemporary life Miami lives in is obsessed with models. And models while looking like absolute perfection on film or in a magazine, look very simple when they are actually out and about. The less obvious it is to the world that you are trying to look good, the sexier you will look. This took me awhile to learn, but with the right statement piece you can make any tank and ponytail look like it should be on the runway.


  1. Know Your Body and Tighten Up


I went through a hippie stage when my closet was filled with all things loose and throw on friendly. Oversized blouses, long chiffon skirts and dresses were my life. While I’m sure I looked lovely, princess like even, there was nothing sexy about it. I was looking like Sunday brunch versus Friday night, which is why it’s important to know your body and what areas look better tight and which look better loose. Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example of this. She can look sexy and still walk in to a meeting without being overly provocative.


  1. Confidence NOT Attitude


People have started to get the impression that in order to be a “bad bitch” you must acquire a bad girl attitude. Yes, every girl loves a bad boy or girl in a leather jacket (preferably on a motorcycle). However, rather than try to look like someone’s lustful fantasy you want to embody all that is woman. Sexy embodies confidence. A woman walks into a place standing tall with her head held high and no matter who or what she’s wearing she is already sexy, merely because she already knows it. Ladies, be yourselves and love the skin you’re in. And after you’ve gotten there show off that confidence and you will forever be irresistible.

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