Power Players: TV News Anchor Sula Kim

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March 2014’s Portrait of a Lady is Sula Kim

“It is more important to be a good quality person, instead of being a good journalist. I define success as having integrity, having morals and spreading love, peace and kindness to everyone.”

Sula Kim is a weekday anchor and reporter at WDSU, where she shares stories about the people and culture of New Orleans, Louisiana.

“And there are so many stories to be told in and around New Orleans. It’s a magical city.”

Before joining the NBC affiliate, Sula covered some of the biggest headlines to hit local news and evolve into national stories, such as the Virginia Tech shooting spree in 2007.

“I love informing and educating people. I love learning new things too, learning about new cultures, new ideas and new people. I love being engaging and also making a difference. I thought journalism was a great way to be involved in the community and also tell good stories that people can relate to.”

Finding fascinating tales has taken Sula from coast to coast, to the coldest states of the midwest, and the warmest regions of the south. Whether she was up in Wisconsin or down in Texas, Sula’s personable style of storytelling connected with her loyal viewers. Reporting in diverse locales to a wide ranging audience helped prepare the California native to go all the way to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

“I prepared a lot for Sochi. I read everything I could on the Olympics and about the athletes. Sochi was an amazing experience. It was the busiest time of my career but it stretched me and helped me grow professionally.”

Personal growth and professional growth are both keys to Sula’s success. Outside of her work adventures, Sula stays active playing tennis and doing yoga. Reading and spending time with friends from her church also help to keep her grounded.

“That [being a good person] is more important than climbing the corporate ladder. Once you become a mature, wise, and emotionally healthy person—success and promotions will follow you.”

To connect with Sula, follow her on Twitter @SulaKim1.

By Vivian Adaobi Nweze


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