New Neutral Eye Tutorial

        By Monica Vega


Well ladies it looks like it’s that time of year of again…time to refresh your make-up collection! After months of dolling up for holiday parties it’s hard to get back in to the groove of having a simple yet polished face. I’m here to lighten your load just a tad and bring you a great neutral eye look for a polished everyday look. For this tutorial I’ve used the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes ($48.00), I picked up mine at Sephora! Just follow this seven easy steps and you’ll be set in no time!

1474654_751800024847558_1624565729_nStep 1: Start off with an eyeshadow base, its a great way to keep your eyeshadow looking its best for a longer time, but it also gives you a little ‘kick’ out of your eyeshadow. On my model I’m using: MAC paint pot in ‘Bare Study’





1474654_751800024847558_1624565729_n-1Step 2: Highlight underneath the brow. Highlighting under the brow, not only opens up your eyes making you more awake, but it’s also an instant brow lift. My favorite type of highlight is something very subtle, here I’m using an iridescent beige called ‘sparkling dew’.




1454620_751801988180695_790180345_nStep 3: Lid color. For this looking I’m using a taupe based color. My preferred method of applying eye shadow is ‘placing’ my colors first and then blending at the very end! With this taupe color called ‘bamboo’ I placed the color all over her lid, making sure not to go above her crease.




579150_751802364847324_200721559_nStep 4: Applying a transition shade. Applying a neutral brown to your crease allows you to easily blend eye shadow colors by making them look more cohesive. It also gives you an opportunity to really ‘warm’ up your eye look. I applied a matte brown shade called ‘Fresco’.






1450670_751803128180581_1180269865_nStep 5: Time to add definition! Applying a slightly darker shade than the taupe we used on the lid, place the shadow on the outer third of the lid and crease. I used the shade ‘Truffle’





1473071_751803718180522_1146112438_nStep 6: Optional step; if you want to make this look a little more sultry add a deep espresso shade with a pencil brush at the very outer third of the lid. Remember to place first and then blend at the very end! I used ‘Espresso Bean’ and for even more definition and a little bit more sass I decided to line her upper lid with a deep brown liquid liner.





Step 7: You’ve made it! Almost at the home stretch all you need to do now is add some mascara, and be sure to blend your shadows!

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