Power Players: Model Chantelle Winnie

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November 2013’s Portrait of a Lady is 19-year-old Chantelle Winnie.

“If God put me here, then I am here for a reason. “- Chantelle Winnie

Chantelle Brown-Young, known as Chantelle Winnie, is an inspirational young woman who became a model despite living with Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes depigmentation and irregular, white patches that feel like normal skin.

During middle school, Winnie was often teased and ridiculed by her peers making difficult for her to relate. While vacationing in Jamaica with her father, she received a Facebook message from Shannon T. Boodram, a Canadian TV personality, that sparked a change. Boodram expressed how pretty she thought Winnie was with an interest in featuring Winnie on her website.

From then on, Winnie decided that she would be unapologetic for what God created her to be. She auditioned for “America’s Next Top Model” and connected with several agencies. This 19 year old woman is extraordinary for breaking into the world of modeling despite her condition, but by refusing to be bound by her imperfections.

Winnie also aspires to become a journalist in the future. Follow her journey on social media.

Instagram: @winnieharlow                  Twitter: @winnieharlow

By Victoria Thompson


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