Professional Attire on a College Budget

By Jobina Fortson

The average young & fashionable intern wants to look great everyday, but we all know looking good can come with a big price tag, especially business clothes.image

I’ve come up with a few ways to look professional while also staying on a budget. So let’s get in to some mixing & matching!

1. Get some blazers!

Everything looks better when ablazer is thrown on top. I’ve even gone as far as to wear a club dress with blazer on top (although I wouldn’t recommend that). Everyone should have one basic black blazer that goes with everything.image

After the black, you can get creative with agray, navy, or even a pink. Just remember that the more memorable the blazer, the more spaced out you’ll have to be when wearing it, unless you like to “repeat,” which I’m sure no one does. That being said, I would hold off on that floral blazer from Zara until you have your basics down pact.

2. Dash of Color

So if you decide to go with the basic blazers, you can add an extra pop of color to your outfit by getting multiple colored camisoles or blouses to go underneath. You can find them anywhere. They’re 2 dollars at Forever 21!

3. Knee length

Invest in knee length suits. A nice way to change up your skirt is to get imagethree matching suits and wear all of the jackets and skirts separately essentially creating 9 different outfits if your suits were made of the same fabric. Clothing stores like Ann Taylor make their suits in the same color black so you get different types of bottoms to go with that blazer you got from point number one.

4. Shoes

Lastly, once you have your blazers, tops, and skirts, you’ll need shoes.imageThe best thing is to get two pairs of heels (not super high) that are black and nude. These two colors are very basic and go with everything.


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