Fashion 360: Lifestyle Tips

By Sondai Costley

imageFrom styling, make-up, runway production to blogging, retail development, and promotion, fashion was the canvas for creativity at the Fashion 360 conference.

I volunteered for at the event featuring Bravo TV’s reality star Cameron Silver,also founder of Decades, hosted by District Fete and here are my personal takeaways from the event.




1) Brand, not boast!

Lindsey Mask, founder of Ladies America,gave a great keynote speech about the art of personal branding.

It’s a strategic process but having a vision is one of the most essential components. Let your work speak for itself and your elevator pitch add the cherry on top.

2) Create to relate

imageWhat inspires you? Find your passion point – that one thing that makes you jump out of bed (or roll out on lazy days) ready to conquer the world.

We were all brought together by fashion, yet approach the industry in many ways. From stylists and makeup artists to runway producers and magazine editors, we all add a unique perspective to the mix.

3) Seal the deal – Follow up


The art of conferencing is a sure way to expand your network by simply attending various sessions. It’s one thing to show up, but another to show out. Don’t be a wallflower! Mix it up and not only make initial contact with your fellow attendees, but follow up which is key. Business cards aren’t collectible items so file them in specific categories and keep an open avenue of communication.


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