Back to School Blues: How to Get Over Them!

By Alyson Pierce

This may be the second most dreaded time of year for students (falling right behind finals week)…the first day of school. You’ve relaxed, soaked up the sun, lounged at the beach and enjoyed long warm nights,but now it is time to get back to business. imageIf you are like most, the thought of starting a new school year probably makes you shutter. I know the feeling! So, I am here to provide some tips on how to get over those back to school blues and get prepared for a successful, productive school year!

1. Shopping! What’s a new year without a new wardrobe? Plan a huge shopping trip with some of your friends. The comfort of friends and the thrill of new outfits will heighten your mood. Retail Therapy is real.

2. Plan an outing with your friends set for the first week of your arrival. I know my friends and I usually have a potluck the first week of school. This gives us something to look forward to; it’s fun and tastes good!

3. If you started a fun activity during the summer, keep doing it! Say you took a yoga class for the first time this summer and loved it. Find a yoga class near your school and sign up! It’s a piece of happiness from summer that will keep you fulfilled while navigating the maze of work and classes.

4. Get organized! Honestly, the first three weeks of school everyone still feels like they are on vacation and don’t take classes seriously!image Don’t fall into this trap! The next thing you know you wake up and it’s midterm season and you realize you haven’t even cracked open a book. Buy an organizer the first week of classes and make note of your deadlines so they don’t come as a surprise later.

5. Plan a weekend trip. Everybody loves to have fun things to look forward to, so why not plan a weekend trip to NY or a nearby city. It provides more incentive to get work done and is great tunnel vision for when times get rough throughout the semester!

Going back to school can be hard, but it has to be done! Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to have a successful semester!

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