Viva La Bonnaroo!

By Zulimar Toro

My most recent escapade was to the 2013 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee, with my friend Nicole. We set out on our road trip with The Lumineers on repeat and a fervent desire to escape reality. We arrived to another world, where freedom flowed through the air…the music danced through the entire farm for four days…and the art mixed with the eclectic personalities I encountered made this classy wild child from Miami, a Bonnaroovian.

Bonnaroo itself became a sanctuary for happiness and independence. There was no judgment on who you were or what you wore, no worries…. awkwardness was a feeling that didn’t exist.

Although quite biased, I do believe The Lumineers had the best performance. The legendary Paul McCartney filled up What Stage with what seemed like all 80,000 Bonnaroovians singing along to The Beatles, a memory I will cherish forever. We all partied from Friday night to 6am Saturday morning when Pretty Lights did their set. I definitely “believed I could fly” for a bit there when R. Kelly performed. The many other performances were just as great and the mix of artists was amazing to have in one place. Sunday was spent mostly shopping through the many boutiques there and dwelling on the art that surrounded us.

The heat was almost unbearable and the living conditions weren’t the best, but every concert I went to and smile I saw made me want to stay a little longer. The scene was never mine but the experience seduced me and I was welcomed with open arms. In my opinion, a classy lady thrives when experiencing all kinds of cultures and adventures. If I could say one thing to Bonnaroo it would be nothing less than “until next year…and the year after that…and after that one as well!”

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