Summer’s Eve: Mind Unwind

By Sondai Costley

POISE – a state of balance or equilibrium; suspense or wavering, as between rest and motion or two phases of motion

It can strike you when you least expect and, believe me, its’ power is potent. As the sun sets every evening by nightfall and the seasons change every year on cue, so it goes. The continuous ebb and flow as you navigate the sea of life, and then it hits you. That moment of clarity.sondai costley twirl

The “AHA!” moment setting your senses on edge as if you can taste the burst of flavor when reality and perception collide. A wave of understanding. You finally get “it” and “it” is different for each of us.

Often times, we become consumed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life – careers, academics, family, hobbies, service, spirituality and the list goes on. In an environment where we are charged with being “on point” at all times, I can reflect on various occasions when I seemed to have missed “the point.”

I overlooked the small joys life had to offer.

Since then, I’ve tasked myself with taking a step back every now and again.

Upon the nearing of summer’s ambiance, take note of this transitional period in your life whether you’re a college student starting your new internship or seasoned professional looking forward to a vacay in paradise.

A cause for pause in an effort to simplify your life.

So, in your moment of waiting, fill in your blank and hold steadfast knowing that in time your clarity will too arrive.

Be poised and positioned to receive that moment as you continue to elevate to new heights…

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